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palabraiSYS es una fundación para desarrollar proyectos sociales de salud digital
palabraiSYS es una fundación para desarrollar proyectos sociales de salud digital

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Keep a medical health record, track your pain, diagnosis, symptoms and medication and share it with your doctor.

Medical experts recommend you keep a pain diary to be able to treat pain effectively. The award winning "Catch My Pain" app allows you to visualize and monitor your pain by creating detailed drawings and by tracking other relevant information. The diary will help you to explain your pain to any medical practitioner. In addition, you can exchange insights with similar patients.

CatchMyPain is a modern pain diary which allows you to...

  • create detailed color pain drawings to express the location and the intensity of your pain
  • have the course of your pain visualized by a chart which is calculated based on your pain drawings
  • exchange best practices with similar patients in our community!
  • export and share your pain diary with your care providers or family members
  • enter diagnoses
  • monitor your overall happiness, stress and fatigue
  • track weather conditions (temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc.)
  • track your medications (incl. barcode scanning of US and Swiss drugs)
  • describe the quality of your pain (hot, cold, electrifying, ...)
  • specify the time of occurrence of your pain
  • add comments to each pain entry

CatchMyPain can basically be used without an Internet connection. Only for the very first application start and for synchronizing your entries to the cloud you have to be online. The synchronisation allows you to use the tablet app or the PC or Mac version ( in parallel.

By using CatchMyPain you are supporting the fight against pain: Scientists from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) and various medical experts are using the anonymized information from the pain diaries to conduct research in the medical field of pain treatment. We want to stop the chronic pain odyssey which is encountered by millions of patients world wide.

Please use the integrated feedback form to make suggestions on how to improve the app or to tell us about any complaints. You can find the feedback form in the about section.

We are working hard to introduce new features regularly.

For more information and a detailed roadmap, please visit our homepage at

Keep a medical health record of fibromyalgia, migraine, cancer, arthritis, lupus, headache, rsi, chronic lower back pain, rheumatism, sciatica, cfs, fatigue syndrome, depression, crps or endometriosis symptoms for your doctor. Understand what happens with the pain in your knee, hip, shoulder, joint, chest, neck, stomach, leg, arm, or with your abdominal ache, tumor, etc. Use the app as a pill and drug tracker. Know the impact and scale of your pt, therapy and diagnosis. Manage your pain. Become self quantified.

You would get early access to cutting-edge features, suggest your ideas and help to improve CatchMyPain continuously. Join the beta tester community with your google+ account at

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